This is a re-post of a series of posts that were first published as part of a Challenge I curated with Friends spanning Diwali 2016 (29 October) to Christmas 2016 (25 December). Following encouraging feedback I am sharing them on the public domain.


October 28, 2016 — Day 0

What a fantastic set of responses as the challenge celebrates its first day tomorrow. Feeling excited and very nurtured to have this group to share the journey with. My three practises to cultivate are a daily gratitude expression in writing, a daily morning Qigong practise and a daily dawn meditation. I’ll post interesting tips, poems and images through our journey alongside sharing my day by day learning and progress. Please feel welcome to do the same. I have pasted an image of a sketch/ mind map representing my Journey of action and growth. I’ll be silently gazing at it on waking and just prior to lights out. Other times it’ll be hanging on my wall besides my calendar to remind me of the beauty of the times we live in. PS The only technical rule of the group is please do not post links to external websites, YouTube etc. as they very quickly become distracting.