5 Key things to remember while running a Bar or Pub

Apart from good food and quality service, there are various aspects which you have to constantly work on to attract customers.

According to a report published by National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI) in 2016, the Nightlife market in India also known as PBCLs (Pubs, Bar Cafes, and Lounges) is pegged at $2 billion and is growing at an astonishing CAGR of 20% making it the fastest growing Industry in the country outperforming the Indian IT Industry and beating GDP growth rates 3x by employing over 2 million people.

With an increase in demand, the Industry has recently attracted investment from many new individual players and HNIs who heavily depend on experienced managers or hired consultants for running the property. However, any business to be successful requires fewer dependencies which can be largely achieved by following certain basic rules of the playbook.

Brand positioning with the right mix of events

Unlike fine dining restaurants, the ambiance at PBCLs is quite dynamic. You need to organise interesting & happening events to attract the crowd. However, the events should be intact with the brand positioning. No matter how good the artist is, if you play Bollywood in an English themed sports bar, you are ought to lose your cult customers and earn a bad name. Keep the venue theme and events in sync.

Gaining customer insights

Many of the experienced folks in hospitality industry skip this important playbook practice. It is important to know customer preferences towards your outlet. During which events they visit? How many times have they been here before? What is the average group size they come along with? What are the timings they prefer? These are important questions you should know about your customers. It helps you in building different customer profiles and re-target them better in future.

Taking the Feedback at the right time

Personal interaction with your customers is always advisable. However, asking your customers to fill feedback forms while they are half drunk is not at all a good idea. It is said that a person can sum up a place or event experience better, only after 24 Hours. The best way to get genuine feedback is through sending links in messages or emails on next day. If you have observed, Facebook has recently started sending feedback notifications about a place or event, only a day after you have checked-in.

Activity on social media

Social media marketing in PBCLs plays an important role in acquiring new customers. Your social media pages must be active and should give info about future events happening at the property. Regular live feeds and event photographs help you stay connected with the target audience.

Pampering your loyal customers

Even a small gesture towards your regular customers can create huge positive word-of-mouth buzz. Let them know you cherish every visit they make and charm them by your attention. It is important for the managers to notify their staff whenever a regular guest enters your property.

Following basic guidelines and playing by the rule book would definitely help you in tackling the challenges you might face in this industry. Thus, lowering your dependencies on managers and hospitality consultants.

About Rajesh Bhutada: 
I am the co-founder of Brisky, a social app which helps users discover and plan nightlife events with their friends. We also offer Brisky Business Tool, which helps Bars/Pub owners classifying customers based on their interests and getting actionable insights for better re-targeting.

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