Good products are built by good customers

The most exciting part for me in the sales process is when I go to my customers and ask for their feedback post selling them the product. I often do this exercise once every month and ask my team-mates to follow the same. This is an excellent opportunity to interact with some amazing folks who are experts in their industry. In addition, we get to know the exact use-case of our product and what the customer is looking for.

Vilas Magre, General Manager at Heart Cup Coffee

One of our valued customer and an insightful person is Mr Vilas Magre who is the General Manager of Heart Cup Coffee, Kondapur — A famous live music and party venue in Hyderabad. Having experience of more than 20 years in the hospitality industry, Vilas has worked in every format ranging from Casual dining, fine dining, QSRs and now the PBCLs. Currently, in his late thirties but still, has the zeal to learn something new just like a teenager, his mantra is simple — Never say never and always be prepared to adapt before it’s too late. This is reflected in his actions too where he is always ready to adopt and explore new technology solutions while running his property.

Being our first SaaS customer, Vilas made us go through a rigorous trial of 2 months before finally paying for the service. He says — “I noticed the product value in the very first week but just wanted to make sure about the service from your end and hence, made you sweat for 2 months”. Glad that we were able to gain his trust.

Vilas is a person who believes in the power of technology. He uses Brisky’s intelligence tool to identify the interests & preferences of his customers. This helps him create customer profiles and re-target the right audience for future promotions. Besides, in-app actionable insights helps him make quick decisions and avoid data crunching.

We at Brisky believe that those 2 months were extremely crucial in improving our product and building on the core value proposition as identified by Vilas. Our customer played a major part in helping us build the right product.

Now, we continue to further improve by collaborating with many such awesome customers. Cheers!

About Rajesh Bhutada:

I am the co-founder of Brisky, a social app which helps users discover and plan nightlife events with their friends. We also offer Brisky Business Tool, which helps Bars/Pub owners classifying customers based on their interests and getting actionable insights for better re-targeting.