Say Aaaa!

My mom tells me that as a kid, I was a brat. My dad tells me the same…so does my sister, rest of my family and some of my neighbors too. There was nothing or just no one that I was scared off, except for this character called the “Boogey man”. This Boogey man sent shivers down my spine that no one else could even attempt. Now two decades hence, I am less mischievous, an obedient husband, a terrified father and a gullible corporate employee…but what has not changed is the Boogey man in my life. Just that, this time he is called a “Dentist”.

Ya…call me a wuss, call me a coward, but I can wail like a baby if I should visit a Dentist. With all due respect to the Dentist fraternity, I think dentists are basically Mechanical Engineers, who failed their 8th Sem. They are a set of individuals that said…enough of playing around with machines, get them saws and hammers, let’s try this on humans instead!

Has it ever occurred to you that all Dentists start their diagnosis with the same standard line…”You have come very late… the upper molars are in bad shape and should be removed, the lower molars can be saved with a root canal, the central and lateral incisors need some filling immediately. If we plan about 10 to 15 sittings we can save some of your tooth otherwise I am afraid you are gonna lose some teeth.

Doctor! I am sorry…I don’t understand…I actually came for some teeth whitening…but from what you tell me, looks like I will have no tooth left to whiten.

When I stepped out of the Dental clinic, it was a sense of Déjà vu for me. I felt like a total failure…someone that could not even take care of his teeth…I thought of those “close-up” ads…gal smiles, guy smiles, set of teeth shining so bright, they fall in love, get married, live happily ever after and never ever visit a dentist. This trauma of the dentist visit haunted me for almost a week up until this colleague of mine who had her hand on her cheek, slowly came out of her shell and narrated her bitter experience. She visited a dentist! The dentist examined her teeth. He got all her wisdom teeth removed. Ya…basically he was trying to tell her…sorry lady, you have no room left for wisdom. And, what’s worse, he has given her an appointment schedule for the next 18 months. This gal has not even done her investments planning for that long. After hearing her story, I felt a lot better; after the recognition that…yes…my dental life suxx…but I know someone for whom it suxx even more! I still have some amount of compassion left for my friends who have a misery far greater than mine.

Dentists! If you are reading this…. please do not get offended…do not keep this in mind the next time I visit you and you ask me to say Aaaa… remember, we share the same background…I am a Mechanical Engineer too!

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