Butchery Is Not a Sacrifice

Sacrifice means "giving up something valued for the sake of other considerations."

Value could be of something that one has personal attachment to, monetary or non-monetary, or because it is too dear and useful to oneself.

Sacrifice can only be of something that one owns and no one else. Eid-al-Adha, when goat sacrificing is the religious ritual of Islam and most celebrated festival. First, sacrifices can’t be celebrated, for sacrifice denotes tolerance of one’s own pain and suffering. Two, just like your body belongs to you and you only, a goat’s body belongs to goat, and no one else. Taking away a life that does not belong to you, and hence will not cause you the same pain as something your own would, is not a sacrifice. It is butchery.

To all Muslims celebrating the "Feast of the Sacrifice" (Eid-al-Adha) here’s Butchery Mubarak. And to all Ex-Muslims and Cultural Muslims wishing their friends and family, I hope they are able to shed the cultural baggage and call it out, instead of partaking in the "Feast of the Butchery".

Eid-al-Adha celebrates the murder by Abraham of his own son on perpetrated instructions of God, in order to prove his love for him. 
Here’s distortion of Love, whereby one holds non-existent being God at a higher value to oneself than one’s own son. Islam is a distortion of every cherished and desired human value. The psychological impact, on generations of Muslims, of such malignant subversion of human values and semantics, cannot be underestimated, in a religion that, everywhere in the world, is in constant conflict with rest of the society, lives with perpetual Persecution Complex, treats terrorists as martyrs, calls butchery as sacrifice, wraps women in garbage bags and calls it freedom of choice, uses democracy to undermine democracy, uses freedom of speech to subvert and extinguish freedom of speech, and treats every non-muslim as non-human and thus eligible to be butchered, if needed, at the altar of Allah.

Islam is thus to Humanity what Ford is to automobile industry. It has pioneered the assembly line production of zealots. Quran being its production manual and Hadiths, the S.O.P.

For Abraham, his love for God was greater than his love for his son. To keep this tradition of distortion of love alive, Muslims around the world celebrate Eid-al-Adha, as they do today. Today, Muslims remind themselves of all things that they can butcher; in their understanding, sacrifice; to prove their love for God. Ironically and apparently their children have same value to them as their goat. So once again, Happy Butchery Day to all Muslim parents who on this day realise what all is more dear to them than their own children. But please stop calling it a sacrifice. Butchery is not a sacrifice.