Pakistanis should speak up for Baloch or others would

On 26th August, 2006, exactly 10 years ago Tiger of Balochistan, as he was called, Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti was killed in an operation by Pakistan Army. Bugti was a militant who led guerilla war against the Pakistan state for greater autonomy for Balochistan. Security forces denied that they meant to kill him.

On his death anniversary yesterday, Hussain Haqqani, Pakistan's former diplomat, speaking at a ceremony organised by American Friends of Balochistan said, "Either Pakistanis speak up for Balochistan or others would speak up for baloch", recognizing struggle of Baloch people and perhaps hinting at India's recent jibe at Pakistan's human rights record in Balochistan. He further added,"People of Balochistan deserve better than being oppressed by Rawalpindi and Islamabad or being used as pawns in international great games."

I must say, I admire Mr Haqqani and have been following his political commentary for years. He’s a man of secular liberal values and I respect his courage and wisdom to speak up for plight of Baloch people, even in the face of hostile political forces. I wish any former diplomat, government servant or politician of India had the same spine to say,"If Indians don’t speak for the plight of Kashmiris, others would" and "People of Kashmir deserve better than being oppressed by New Delhi or being used as pawns by Pakistan"

But we know that none would.

I can’t help but draw some parallels here, thinking aloud, what if Mr Haqqani was an Indian and he said this for Kashmiris? It’s become funny to the point that it’s no longer funny, but Mr Haqqani would have been branded "Traitor", "Anti-National", "Pakistani Stooge", "Paki Dog", would have been trolled over his Twitter feed with death and rape threats, asked to "Go To Pakistan" and not to mention, surely would have been slapped with Sedition Charges.