Application of Pulse Jet valve in Processing Industry to maximize the production

What is maniks pulse jet valve?

Maniks has created top quality Pilot and Pulse Jet Valve for reverse pulse jet bag filters, offering exactly designed result of market require. Maniks pulse jet Valve has just only moving part, called the spare diaphragm. The only spring less development gives quick opening and shutting of the valve. The fast operation besides saving of compressed air helps to give shock air wave for dislodging of dust from filter bags. High flow, long life and fast diaphragm activity create reliable and economical operation.

The Maniks offers a high range of pulse jet valves perfect to the high Opening and closing quick action of reverse pulse jet bag filter. Maniks pulse jet valves are manufactured to a high quality standard and are upheld by committed and experienced applications engineers. Maniks Pulse Jet Valves are manufactured to the top quality standards, making them a best product for durability and long life. Maniks pulse jet valves are 100% proved for function and break preceding to shipment and are the primary decision solution with the biggest system developers internationally.

Maniks pulse jet valve features:

1. High flow rates

2. Very high cycle life

3. Threaded end body

4. Suitable for maximum medium temperature 650

5. Long life diaphragm of pulse jet valves

6. Normally closed, normally open; or double–acting

Special services:

· We offer special service for your existing system components for pneumatic pulse application, to recondition your inoperative pulse jet valves and assure operating reliability as good as new. DO NOT scrap your valves (ONLY IMPORTED) unless inspected by our experts.


· We provide special enclosures for timers such as flame proof enclosures, SS enclosures, FRP enclosures, IP65 enclosures on request.

· We also cater to special requirement such as flame proof enclosures for valves.

Clean your pulse jet bag filter efficiently with pulse jet valves from Maniks. Diaphragm and pulse jet valves work together for efficient operation of the jet bag filter cleaning system.

Maniks offers pulse jet valves to best fit your application:

§ For reverse jet bag filter, pulse jet valve can be coated in a variety of finishes.

§ Integral pulse jet valves are mounted directly on the diaphragm

§ Pulse jet valve available for high volume/low pressure applications.

§ Available types of pulse jet valve: MEP — 16, MEP — 18, MEP — 112, MEP — 114, MEP — 116, MEP — 120,etc

§ Pulse jet valve available for high volume/low pressure applications

Pulse Valve Operation:

Maniks pulse jet valves are worked by integral solenoid pilot operator. When the valve is energised, the caught air above pulse valve diaphragm is immediately exhausted causing quick opening of main diaphragm valve. When the pilot valve is de — energized, air escapes through drain opening of primary pulse valve to adjust the diaphragm pressure and instantly shuts the valve.

Duty Cycle:

The relative duty time cycle for ac voltage is 20% and for DC voltage is 10 % .This implies energised time is maximum 1/5th of de-energised time for AC and 1/10th for DC voltage.


Mounting in any position will not affect operation. However good engineering practice is to avoid scale and condensed water entering valve body for trouble free performance. Standard end connections of BSP are provided.

About Maniks:

Maniks is the most reputed Indian brand with a history of 30 years for manufacturing reverse jet pulse valves used in bag-filter applications and the sequential timers used in conjunction with them. These are used in dust collector equipment for cement, steel and such other industries. The company was started by Mr. Shekhar Kulkarni, an IIT Mumbai alumnus, with a vision to substitute imported products with Indian make products. The primary aim was to produce reliable products with excellent quality and service.

We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization. Our quality policy states that priority is to exceed the “demands and expectations” of our customers and aim for repeat orders and customer loyalty. Thus “Brand loyalty” is the highlight of our organization which drives us for continuous improvement.