The Last Rain

Raining, it started when I was in sleep

Woke up to a cold, moist breeze

Flowers bloomed, rivers started to flow

I was enticed by, all outside the window

Drops mesmerized my skin, there was no pain

Cold breeze and all green , were making me insane

Carried away by the earthly scent

It seemed like a dance of five element

Frightened by light and a loud roar

I came inside and closed the door

Slept sound but there came a dream

It was all rainy, with no sun beam

In the morning again I expected rain

And outside, windy and dark it became

Rainy was everyday, everyday was a bit ‘more’

I was not afraid of light and roar anymore

Sitting by the window I was silent admirer of the rain

It was show of the day, in night dreams about it only remain

I woke up the other day, came outside

It was not windy but all bright

Days passed and passed few more days

Rain is gone is what Nanny says

I knew it would go some day, but cried in pain

Wish I could know this was going to be my last rain…

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