When the sky was not blue

When the sky was not blue, I was scared, all down

But you lifted my face with your arms,

And again, it was blue in your eyes

There were no heights, but they were deep

Deep was the faith, so was the love, in there

Oh, I see you as a Dolphin there, mimicking the waves,

In your own way, sometime into deep and sometime onto surface

Oh, I see two of us then hand in hand together, flowing with the waves

Sky was all blue the world was sweet

We grew older, still hand in hand together

But when sky was not blue, it was hard to see you

It was dark and your voice was low

Again there was light and you were there

When the light disappeared intermittently

You appeared strange every time

When the sky was not blue, you seemed not you

I thought you were gone, and I cried

I was strong and moved on

But sky never became blue and I cried again

Then you came and lifted my face

Oh, still we were holding our hands, all the time

I was terrified… mortified… petrified… stupefied

You were there all the time as my silent companion

I could not see you on the surface

But into the water below you were holding my hand, all the time

How could you go away!

And now I realized it does not matter

Whether the sky is blue or not, while we are together!