How To Choose A Job Before It Chooses You

Everyone has dreams in their life. Did you remember your school days, when you are in school and when somebody like your teacher asks what do you want to become in your life? Then everyone gives different kinds of answers…Some students say I want to become doctor and some say I want to become engineer and some say I want to become a pilot etc…. whether they know about those jobs or not they give answers immediately.

So when they become young will they do same jobs what they have told in school days .Most of the time the answer is no. The only reason behind this is lack of proper knowledge on goals and lack of guidance whenever they needed. A student who told that I want to become a doctor now he may be working as a marketing executive and a student who told that I want to become an engineer he may become a civil engineer but now he didn’t like his job. Similarly everyone will face this kind of situation in their life.

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So what I would like to tell you was choose a job before it chooses you. Otherwise if job offers you a job then you don’t have any choice in your life. You may get food, bed, beautiful wife and own house and money but you may not be happy in your life.

How To Know In Which Field You Are Interested

According to Howard Gardner there are 8 multiple intelligences like musical, visual, linguistic, logical, kinesthetic, inter personal, intra personal and naturalistic. Every human being has some multiple intelligences some people good in writing and some are good in painting and some are good in dancing etc….but among all 8 multiple intelligence two to four intelligences are active in every human being. They varies from one individual to other individual. If you identify your core active multiple intelligences and when you choose a job related to that intelligence then you will become more successful person in your field.

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But Who Will Identify Your Multiple Intelligence in Your Childhood

This is the most common question you are going to ask me. When we are in child hood we can’t able to identify our multiple intelligences. But it is the responsibility of parents and teachers to identify active multiple intelligences in their children. For example some children may not good in academics but he or she good in dancing then parents need to identify it and give him or her proper training on dancing so that they may excel in their careers.