How To Start Your Day So That You Feel Energetic For Entire Day

If you want to achieve anything in your life the first and most important thing is you should stay healthy. If you are not healthy then you couldn’t able to focus on your work so that your productivity will be affected. So in order to stay healthy you don’t need to use costly medicines and regular medical checkups. You need to concentrate on little things in your daily routine.

Your Day Starts with Previous Day Night

We all know that drinking water is very healthier habit. But most of us don’t follow it. We know that we shouldn’t eat heavily during night time but we neglect it. People are suffering with lot of health problems but sadly they don’t know that they are suffering with those problems. For us illness means fever. headache and cold and health problems are like heart problems , cancers and kidney problems. But we don’t bother about how energetic we are feeling entire day. Why I am telling this is according to most of the people their day starts when they wake up in the morning. But in this busy world the first thing what most of the people do is they check their mobile phone or they may watch T.V or they may read news paper or magazine. So their mind is already diverted to other issues in the society.

But according to me the day starts with previous night. You have to plan for next day during night of previous day. Planning in the sense you don’t need to write diary etc ….if you do that then it is also good habit. What we have to do in previous day night is, we need to complete our dinner as early as possible. It is better if you complete your dinner before 8:00 PM. Make an habit of taking dinner at same time except if you have any urgent works.

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What is the use of taking dinner before 8:00 PM

When you take dinner before 8 PM then you are helping your digestive system. It will be so thankful to you when you finish your dinner as early as possible. For entire day our digestive system works and we don’t give any rest to our digestive system. Even a computer also becomes heat when we uses it for a long time. So our digestive system is also like a machine, if we don’t give rest then it will doesn’t work in your old age. So be careful when you eat early in night then your digestive system has lot of time to digest food, so we don’t get any digestion problems. When you don’t have digestion problems most of your health problems will be solved.

The quantity and quality of food which you are taking in dinner is also important. Eat what suits to your body metabolism. For some people rice is good and for some people fruits and for some people tiffins etc you have to try everything and select one which fits to your body metabolism. And most importantly don’t take heavy dinner eat very less amount, make sure that half of your stomach should be empty.

Wake Up As Early As Possible

Always try to wake up before sun rise in early morning. Most of the successful people in the world they have a habit of waking up before sun rise. When you wake up early in the morning then we have lot of time throughout the day. Drink at least one to two litres of water so that all waste material in your body will be excreted properly, When all waste materials are excreted then you feel really more fresh. Keeping all those waste material in your body is also one of the major cause for getting gastric problems, stomach pains, headaches and overheating of your body etc….

The license to take breakfast is first you need to clean your stomach for that the best technique is eat less in dinner that to before 8:00 PM and drink 1–2 litres of water on early morning .The quantity of water depends upon your capacity and concentrate on your intestine movements and don’t divert your mind on other issues like watching TV, reading news paper and playing games in mobile phones. Anyone can able to drink one litre of water above that you have to try it.