In the next life…

In this world or the next, or the one after that, (maybe they are like stations), we will find each other as other people. You will be you, in a different shell. And I will be me in a different case. Of all the probabilities and realities out there, this one stays true. You and I will never be the same. We will always find everyone but each other to play through that journey.

You will adopt a new name, a new face, a new way of thinking, a new way of living. I will try out something I can’t Pronounce on the menu and be adventurous even in the afterlives. It will be hard to recognise each other, but we will, when we stop trying to.

You will find it easy when you don’t go looking for it. I will find you when you don’t come looking for me. After all, if we end up doing everything for each other, play our roles right, then what role does destiny have? How will it take credit on behalf of us?

We’re above that. We’re above the idea of a predetermined outcome. We’re jumping from one possibility to the other in search of each other.

Somewhere between all this, I feel the urge to question all this and wonder if it is all a big board game. We’re pieces like our hearts. We’ll never find what we’re looking for. And even if we do, we’ll have to change trains of thoughts. We could pretend to get off this misery. But, we know this is an endless loop of me and you and you and me.

Till the next one.



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Only time will tell... if it can talk.