Amazons App Launcher Icon — Far from what it should be.

When it comes to App launcher icons, they are the first and the most important touchpoint for any App newly installed.

Every time I wish to open the Amazon App on my phone, its just so difficult to search for the App icon without paying enough attention.

Shopping Apps

Among the shopping Apps I have on my phone, the Amazon launcher icon is far away from what its should really look like.

There are many users (specially iOS) who use the systems search engine to search apps. But some others prefer a visual search.

What really comes to the mind when we try to look up the Gmail App — a red and a white icon with a M symbol, the Whatsapp App — a green and white icon with a chat bubble, the Facebook App — blue and white and the letter F and for Amazon App — orange and white with the letter ‘a’ in Black.

Amazon App Icon

The current version of Amazons launcher icon is difficult to recognize specially for power users of on the browser. The white shopping cart on a blue background, and the text “Amazon” touching the top edge, with the ‘a’ and ‘n’ getting clipped in the corners makes for a poor icon design. And I seriously wonder why a shopping cart would take up 60% of the space when it should be wisely used for the focusing on the Amazon brand.

Fav-icons is a very good way to associate the apps or products you often use.

Favicons in Browsers

The best and the most recognizable launcher icon I believe would just be a replica of the Favicon.

And I would even rename the App name from “Amazon Shopping” to just “Amazon”.

Just my 2 cents to the Amazon team. Time to refresh the launcher icon.