Raising the average

Raising the average of the collective.

An open letter to my friends, family and network.

Growing up my mother always told me to sit with the smartest kids in the classroom. I did not understand, why? I used to her ask her, what will that do? She would say it would make me smarter. I didn’t do it.

I went to university for my bachelors degree. I ended up hanging out with a group of people, that I still consider friends. They are good people and some of them have made a consistent effort to stay in touch and so will I. Apps like Whatsapp make this super easy these days.

I moved to Canada about 11 years ago. I went about my life like going to college, finding a job after college, settling down in Canada.

Don’t remember when but I read somewhere.

We are the average of the 5 people that we hang out with most.

I thought for a second, that sounds interesting and did nothing.

In the meantime my thought process was changing and I had realized that I wanted to do more than just have a job. I wanted to start things.

Around this time I found, Chris Guillebeau, he has been to every country in the world. His work served as an inspiration about what is possible. This man knows how to push boundaries. And I keep going back to his work for more inspiration.

In 2011 I left my full time job and it lead me to start a blog. The blog lead to me connect with various individuals in my industry. The benefit of doing this has been great and would recommend everyone to do things that help them standout. As people who standout get noticed.

At some point I read a post by Seth Godin about association.

The fastest way to change the outcome is to change your environment

Around this time I met with a few individuals and realized who are the ones in my current circle contributing to a positive outcome. There were a few negative ones and I am glad to say they didn't stick around.

It is because of the positively contributing people and their direct influence I have been able make progress.

I was placed in conversations that I would never have access to. This started a fundamental shift in my approach. I was never a shy person but I hesitated to reach out to people. Now, I try to meet up with someone new often. I am not afraid to pick up the phone and call anyone(I know, I still talk on the phone).

Due to recognizing the power of people around me I changed my approach. I am now very conscious of who is in my network.

I believe this new environment is what is further going to change my outcome.

Yes, my mother was right.

She said the same thing but in a very different way. Sit next to achievers and you will learn through osmosis.

So,my friends, my immediate circle,my confidant, if I am not improving your average score or not influencing the outcome positively, I invite you to stop hanging out with me. Don’t call me, send me tweets,Whatsapp me, Facebook me, Google+ me, email me or text me. I get it.

If I am building walls, inserting limiting beliefs, being a negative force, instead of encouraging I am discouraging you, not giving you honest feedback and am just being polite, then choose to spend time with someone else.

Life is more fun around enablers.