Silence of Garrulous Polycephalic

A Wedding,
Promised to be fun.
Ran into brothers, with many heads
But no tongue.

An Invitation,
That requested RSVP,
7 p.m @ Vrindavan Green, Farmhouse
Cause that’s how we do it in Delhi.

The Host,
Names’tey, Names’tey — Enjoy, Be’taa
Thai, Italian, Mughlai, and Dosa too,
And back there Dum Auloo and some delicacies of ‘Kashmiri Hindu’

An Uncle-ji,
Namaskar Namaskar , Kab tak ? Yes, Climate change.
Too hot for Autumn, but why ruminate fallen leaves,
Son, beat the heat — adorn Dear Leader’s kurta with short sleeves.

A Memory,
Goor syund morning milk run, a long afternoon tea
Endlessly lazy days of summer,
Orchards of Apple, a box full of Cherry.


*Goor: Vendor of milk products in Kashmir
*syund: sort of possessive pronoun. Goor Syund = to the Milkman’s