Hypocrisy at its best when we talk about suicides in Kota

Like every year, after IIT JEE (JEE Advanced) results, the entire media go berserk on the students achievements. This year, some of the exact headlines were — Kota institutes shines again, City boy gets the top rank in IIT, Super-30 again created history (and now there are super 30 or super 100 in every state).

As a student, the advantages and perks are not just limited to Rankers or Toppers batches during the coaching, but to receive cash rewards after the results, if you get AIR below 100.

JEE Advanced 2016 Topper Aman Bansal received Rs 21 lakh from his Kota based institute, which gave cash awards of a total of Rs 87.20 lakh to its students. Classroom students with ranks 21 to 100 were given Rs 1 lakh each. In an another institute’s prize ceremony, chief guest was Inspector General of Police. (Source)

The most talked about news this year was not about the IIT JEE topper or the institute in Kota which gave top 3 results. It was “BMW gift” by a coaching institute in Sikar to one of its student after he cleared IIT JEE with AIR 11.

What message all this gives?

That clearing IIT JEE is not an ultimate dream of just students and parents but for all of us as a society that celebrates the achievements and success each year.

It’s all good unless some of the parents gets influenced by all this applauds and money and force their wards to prepare for IIT or medical against the interests of the children.

There are two sides of our reactions — During the preparation and after the results.

Soon, in a couple of months, you may hear about one more suicide in Kota. Tv channels will make it headline, news will display on national newspapers. People (even the random ones who have no idea about the ground realities of Kota) will shout like — Shut down all coaching institutes!

Why this double standard?

At one hand you criticize the process and model of these coaching institutes and then later you celebrate the success of the same coaching institutes like festivals. With the accomplishment of star performers you miss out on the pressure developed in some students (may be very few but still its the lives of young students).

The straight point is — Media and Society don’t care about the students lives. They need stories to run and talk, sometime bad, sometimes good. They will manipulate headlines to sensationalize things just for the sake of TRPs.

We sometimes gets brainwashed by them and not see the logic, true stories behind the news.

A message to students (IIT aspirants) and their parents

The AIR 1 Rank is awesome but a student with a rank 5289 also deserve the respect. He don’t get the same limelight, but after 4 years, he can also come out with skills and experience from one of these prestigious institutes.

As a student, you can make a goal to be in top 10, 100, or 3 digit rank, but when you enter into IIT with hundreds of others, you will not be considered as the special. You will be just like rest of the IITians.

The pressure in Kota is real. Parents, please take care of your kids. Yes, it could be 1 in thousands, but you don’t want to be one of those parents who may realize later that an exam took the life of their child.

Image Source: Lonnie Lee Best

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