CTO talk by Vibhore Sharma, Naukuri.com

Take away from Naukuri.com CTO Vibhore Sharma talk at OrangeScape, Chennai on 23rd June 2018.

He is not only managing Naukuri.com also managing other companies like Jeevansathi.com and 99acres.com which is part of Info Edge (India).

Initial days Naukuri job posting taken from local news papers. they digitised jobs in newspaper to online.

Vibhore Sharma said, Why I’m interested with Naukuri is I’m running job portal which have millions of users with lot of user behaviour data like which job alters viewed applied etc

One of the challenging we faced handling Legacy code, We have to write and rewrite.

Few factors for scalable business

Own the development methodology, like kanban, Scrum, Agile or own methodology, every development should have What Why How ?

Code review is the expertise for judgment — Code review should be part of development culture.

QA/Testing also part of development team, they also write automation code, not only manual, manual testing also move to automate over the period of time.

Everyone in development team should own the code, I know it’s hard but it’s very important.

10 x speed development is culture thing not based on skills,

Development is not just about development,2 to 3 hrs a day is maximum expected productivity, Use QA to find the problems.

For outsourced development, need one internal personal to understand code, Vendors always live from bugs.

He suggested http://elm-lang.orgis best language for automation

Finally he gave valuable point, Anyone can build naukuri with in 6 month but the data we have user behaviour data we have is no can build, that is our asset.