You can scream,
you can be mean,
you can treat me like a slaved machine…
you can go to the extreme
you will see my tears stream
but this will not break my dream!
because up in the skies there is this supreme
who built every girl as a QUEEN!

I want to live like a bird
I want to be free as a bird,
I want to fly like a bird…
you might think I am absurd
but I just want to be heard
you have to understand I am not meant to be conquered!

With my face down,
wearing my wedding gown
I will have to go to another town
and again I have to fight for my CROWN!

Why is it this way? just give me one reason,
Oh Lord, with your endless wisdom
explain to their inner demon,
they can keep the entire kingdom
all I ask is little bit of freedom…

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