Just Me and My Ladies.

So Daddy went back to work Monday (4/24), and for him it was a long day because he had to take the train out of the city to one of the manufacturing plants. This also meant it was a long day for us. This was our nice relaxing day blowing bubbles by the pool followed by the full afternoon at the police station that I wrote about in the previous post. After our police station visit we took a taxi to the community building. This is where I could get my paperwork for temporary residency- no more law breaking!

R walked home from the community building, Ted said about how many kilometers to home. When I asked R she really wanted to walk. It was a little far for her, but she did it. She pouted for about 15 minutes of it, making it seem even farther. The good part, no one wanted to take a picture of the crabby blonde.

We survived all day and night with out Daddy. This is good. I did serve the kids Mac and Cheese that night, because that is all my brain could think of after that exhausting afternoon. I must say it is a good thing we packed boxes upon boxes of Annie’s Mac and Cheese for emergencies like that. We are making progress on trying new foods but at least we have something to fall back on.

Not a very clear day

As for Tuesday, after our normal morning craziness of me trying to workout, get ready, feed the girls (which Daddy tries to help with before leaving for work), clean-up, get them ready, and get snacks/water/hats/ the kitchen sink packed or at least that is what it feels like. We took a nice stroll down to the water to watch the boats and garbage. I mean it’s gorgeous down there but all long the edge of the water is garbage and waste. Paige was so intrigued by the lonely sandal floating around among the waste. You could tell this was more of a touristy area. This is based solely on the fact that more and more people wanted to take R and P’s photos. It had beautiful views and the girls loved going up and down ramps and stairs and looking out at the boats. We were looking for the boat with our sea shipment- R wants to know where her toys are.

Wednesday I had a “I miss home day” (one whole week since we got on the plane and started this journey). I mean these days are going to happen. It was a rainy morning so we played inside and I organized things. Luckily Daddy didn’t have to leave until 8:00 because he was going to the Auto Show that was happening in Shanghai this week. This gave us some time in the morning with him. R and him worked on putting together an IKEA purchase. Then later that morning we used the box for our train and Little People town. Everyone enjoyed coloring, especially Momma. R told me what to draw and helped color it in. P she joined for a limited time and then went off to get her 1 year old self into some mischief. I finally unpacked all the rest of the suitcases and organized our closet in the master. I am not sure where all of the rest of our stuff will go when our sea shipment does arrives.

We played outside that afternoon and tried to find some different fruit markets. We walked in the very China part of our neighborhood. Smaller sidewalks, full of stuff everywhere, small little store fronts all in Chinese. To be honest when looking around in this area I have anxiety. I feel overwhelmed and just want to move quickly, the reason for no pictures. Anyways we walked the block and I found a fruit stand with a sweet lady. We bought a pineapple and walked home. I know once I learn that particular area better I will feel more comfortable. This probably added to me missing home and my “normal.”

The Oriental Pearl Tower- “Pink Ball Tower”-R says

Thursday was a new day and I had a “let’s explore” attitude. We took a walk to visit the touristy sights in our neighborhood. We walked all the way up to the outside of the Shangahi Tower (we will go up inside of it someday. R calls this her tower because we see the whole thing out our living room and master bedroom. I explained that it make me sick while looking up at it and she informed me that she can do it no problem and I just need to be brave.

Looking Up

R has blown me away in just a week of being here. She has been more of a helper to me, caring for her sister, making connections about stuff here and back home, and being a positive little go-getter. (Even going down slides at the play-ground that she has refused to do for months) She also is getting great at recognizing her numbers because pushing buttons on the elevators is her job. After we get them secure in English we will move on to learning them in Mandarin. We had to take an elevator up to the foot bridge. This is a bridge that crosses busy roads, and overlooks some amazing sights.

The road that goes under the water
I need to be like a Chinese tourist and get a selfie stick
Shopping at City Shop
Sometimes we take the quiet sidewalks home
Favorite thing to do in her new yard

Our neighbor came by with information on a Kindergarten in the neighborhood- called Eton International School. This was informative but also overwhelming. So she would start what we consider 3K in the Fall, in China this is an all day program- with uniforms. There are some other schools we are going to look at. Maybe some offer different schedules. I was added to some mom groups on WeChat (this is like Facebook Messenger and Instagram combined and is EXTREMELY popular). Everyone has WeChat and everything is done through WeChat. The positive of that is now I have some ways to meet and talk with moms in my neighborhood and see what schools their kids attend, plus be informed of classes available to the girls and I- everything you could imagine.

Friday (4/29) We went shopping with our friend Lori. She has lived here for a couple years and is a friend from back home. She took us to Carrefour, this is like a Super Wal-Mart, and is over in the area where they live. It is overwhelming and over stimulating because they have everything, even live turtles and fish you can choose for your dinner. We needed some random groceries, and household things, no live animals. They had everything I need except a little hand held vacuum. I miss our Willie Will for lots of reasons, but cleaning up after P when she eats is definitely one I notice. That girl loves her pup and I think she continues to throw food on the floor hoping he is coming around the corner to clean it up. :(

Our first purchased in China toy- notice I didn’t say Made in China.

It was a good first week and I am looking forward to the Holiday weekend. We get 3 days with Daddy home. Monday is Labor Day here in China- YAY!

P.S- Sometimes there are just some Western things you don’t expect to see in China- This being one of them……