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Recently I had posted a message on LinkedIn, stating: “I happen to be on various Indian job portals recently and it’s appalling how unequipped the sites are to handle job positions such as those for cross sector strategic design leadership. Yet, everyone is talking design thinking, innovation, experience, and digital. The experiences on these sites are horrific. Wow!”

From the response, it seems that my sentiment resonates with many. So I took the time to go through portals like Naukri, Monster, Glassdoor, Times Jobs, Head Honchos, Shine and IIMJobs. I further learnt that besides the sad state of Indian job portals, large corporations have their own career sites that are typically no way connected to the popular job portals. I also went through career sites of organsations McKinsey, Cisco, Intuit, PwC and Accenture. Those sites are largely dissatisfactory as well, with a few good ones. For instance, I liked the Mckinsey career portal. If nothing else, it’s clean, simple, and easy to use compared to the others. LinkedIn is also doing a much better job. Specially when understanding the context of a job position. Let me take the opportunity to enumerate a few no-brainers that I feel career portals can do better:

  1. Understand the users much better. Specially the candidates. Understand how they look for jobs today and what it would be like in the near future. Understand the state of mind a candidate is in while looking for a job. This often changes based on factors like education, experience, sector, duration of job search, etc. It effects when, how and for how long they want to interact with the service. Everyone is not the same and you cannot treat them that way.
  2. Simplify the overall experience massively and include some delightful elements.
  3. Help candidates better understand where they stand wrt. others (data and analytics).
  4. Thoroughly research and incorporate emerging and future job possibilities. Crowdsource partially.
  5. Use users existing online data and even AI to simplify and automate profile building.
  6. Better job context understanding from user profiles using AI and other techniques. This will immensely help sharpen recommendations and search results.
  7. Include more on disability.
  8. Help corporate recruiters reduce replicating efforts to build their own portals.
  9. Allow a process for WOM driven hiring processes.
  10. Reduce the number of emails sent to candidates and if you are making a mobile app. make sure you know why mobile.

Looking for a job is the first step towards what is often a long journey. During this, people are worried, nervous and anxious with anticipation. If job portals can alleviate this, it makes the life of a job seeker little better.

Would love to hear what you feel can be done better, as well as examples of great job portals.

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