Time to start Engineering — GSoC 2017 !

“You shouldn’t do things differently just because they’re different. They need to be… better.” — Elon Musk.

For starters GSoC (Google Summer of Code) is an online program organized by Google for students to spend their summer in a more useful manner. Rather than flipping burgers, they encourage students to flip bits during the summer. What’s special about GSoC is that, all the projects are developed openly, rather I would say they are all open source projects. Students are paired up with respective mentors after their proposal gets accepted.

This year Google announced student projects for 201 mentoring organizations, and I got accepted for SCoRe (Sustainable Computing Research Group) mentoring organization. I”ll will be working on a Node.js library known as NodeCloud. This project will focus on delivering a high quality API set for developers to interact with various cloud providers such as Google and AWS. This awesome idea was put forward by Rumesh Eranga Hapuarachchi, who will be mentoring me throughout the project.

So what’s the connection between the quote from Elon and my project. Well currently there are individual libraries to manage cloud APIs. But the problem is that there is no elegant solution out there to manage different cloud providing environments with a single library. Therefore the goal of the project would be to make things better using a different strategy.

Special thanks to : Rumesh Eranga Hapuarachchi