This has been a very frequent question for most of the developers and architects who are evaluating WSO2 API Microgateway for their solution implementation. First of all the answer to that frequent question is YES, microgateway can be deployed in k3s.

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Deployment in K3S

K3s is a lightweight, high available certified kubernetes distribution. Its a small (<40MB) distribution with less dependencies and simplified steps to install. In this tutorial we will see how we can deploy microgateway 3.1.0 in k3s.

Install API Microgateway Toolkit

  1. Lets download the microgateway toolkit from here
  2. Extract the downloaded binary zip file to your preferred location. Let’s call this extracted location $MGW_TOOLKIT_HOME.
  3. Set the bin folder of the toolkit to the path…

Every person using a smart phone, laptop, tab or any other smart device is consuming thousand of APIs everyday without knowingly. As the number of services as well as the consumption of services grows, common entry point is needed for the services of your organization. …

WSO2 API manager team recently released the major version 3.0 of its Microgateway. Please refer my blog [1] where I am explaining key attributes of microgateway, what are the changes we have done in this new release, what new features available , what are the use cases of microgateway and what to expect in the future for WSO2 API Microgateway.

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Rajith Karunarathne

Associate Tech Lead @ WSO2

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