11 Incredible Things About Flowers That Every Flower Enthusiast Should Know

Flowers have always been something that holds a special place in everyone’s hearts. Inlaid with meanings and significances, No ceremony is complete without flowers. Whether it is your friend’s birthday, or your marriage anniversary, you can get a bouquet of flowers for anything and everything. Here are some of the things that are not known by many –

· The first flowers appeared 140 million years ago. Their ancestors were none other than ferns.

· A fact that is not known by many — Broccoli is a flower.

· Orchids are able to get all their nutrients from the air. They can grow without soil.

· Sunflowers produce toxic substances that kill all nearby vegetation. More space for them to flourish.

· The world’s largest flower is the Titan Arum. A single leaf of this flower can reach upto 6 meters. The size of a small tree!

· Some flowers, like the Rafflesia are carnivores. They feed on small insects, like flies and butterflies.

· The lotus was considered to be a sacred flower by ancient Egyptians.

· In addition to being the flowers of love, roses are also used to make jams, jellies and tea

· Moon flowers are the only flowers that blossom during the night.

· Flowers of bamboo are rarely seen. They only develop when the bamboo reaches the age of 65–120.

· The flower known as angelica was used in medieval Europe to cure everything.

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