Letter to My Best Friend on her Wedding…

Dear Best Friend,

What a time it is, to write to you, on the eve of, probably your biggest day on earth, Wedding Day. Firstly, I can’t be any happier for you as you start your pursuit for the next part of your life with the man you love.

As I sit back and go through all those wonderful years right from the time we were tiny toddlers who were total strangers to date, where there’s no one who can even try to separate us (of course excluding your hubby). Everything from the beautiful journey and everything that we have gone through, I can only say that you played an indispensable part in my life and you are one of the very few people whose decisions mattered to me which eventually shaped the person I am. I am reminded of how important you are to me, how much I respect you, how much I love you, admire you and of course care for you.

However, everything seems to come to a crashing end from tomorrow, which makes me go quite sad every time I think about it. But yeah, nevertheless, I feel myself to be lucky to be there for you on your big day and make it even more memorable.

This might be the happiest day of your life, so start taking things as they are and don’t ponder upon things that don’t matter much. Love whatever you do and respect your partner’s feelings too. I’m very happy that you have found the one who makes your knees weak and heart crazy. It’s in the air, the love you both share, it seems to creep up on to your face making it bright every time his name pops out in our conversation or the smile your lips curve into when he is in our vicinity.

To be honest, your family, friends and more importantly Me, are unbelievably proud of the person you have become. Everything you have achieved thus far is well-deserved, and a source of constant inspiration for me. You’ve always been so confident, determined and successful too. You were always correct with the decisions in your life and as always I’m sure this call of yours to share your life with your partner is going to take you off to places unseen.

Personally, you have been the constant motivator and my go to helpline desk at all times. There were times when sharing things with family was not so convenient and there were times when sharing things with the friends I had issues with. But each and every time, I knocked the door of your house, you were the ever-welcoming and always-understanding friend of mine. Life spent along with you was as pleasing as a fish’s life in a river with no predators in it. You are undoubtedly, the only person I’d contact whenever I am in a spot of bother or whenever my happiness knew no bounds. You know me more than anyone else and that’s what makes you stand apart from all the other friends I have ever made. Thanks to you, the nuances of friendship I have gained through the times spent with you helped me in achieving other stronger relations and lesser problems to tackle with. Life’s not going to be the same with your absence in my life, but that’s how it should go and I’m glad that I could be one of the few best persons in your life too.

So here is to the exciting next few months as we get ready for your fairy tale. I’m proud of you and for everything you have achieved so far. I cannot wait to watch you two embark on your greatest adventure yet.

And one last thing,

Your father hasn’t lost much as he has two more daughters who could possibly fill your place at home.
But, I have lost my only best friend and there’s never gonna be another human who can replace you

All my love,

Your best friend,

Rajiv Nair

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