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Challenges design teams face
Challenges design team face

👉 Start a dialogue around planning and strategy for the entire organization.

👉 Share the responsibility of identifying new avenues and work with cross-functional teams to bring them to fruition.

👉 Crafting future visions of products/platforms/services while working with cross-functional teams.

👉 Enhance team maturity level to support the growth plans and strategy of the org.

This list is by no means the complete set of responsibilities. But these pointers are ignored if design teams are heavy on the production side of the process.

I’ve very closely referenced Peter’s essays on these topics, read more at https://lnkd.in/dn6QFzqY

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How do design teams work in different leadership scenarios?

  • How do you engage external consultancies to augment the expertise?



Work/life balance
Work/life balance

Depending on our value system, differentiate between the two

👉 Shetty documented “our minds go from thought to thought, challenge to challenge, and thus seldom focus on real problems”(Think Like a Monk) https://lnkd.in/dSAa7Bfh

Develop a mindset that can help us clarify what matters and pick a direction toward fulfillment.

Filter out the noise and look within.

🚐 Take an RV and enjoy the weekend — to do a bit of reflection :)