There was a drunkard. He did not take proper care of his family and his 2 boys.

After many years, one of the boys became successful and rich, while the other became a drunkard.

Someone asked the rich person,

“What motivated you to become successful ?”

The answer was,

“My father was a drunkard.”

The drunkard person was asked,

“What demotivated you to become a drinker ?”

The answer was,

“My father was a drunkard.”

Same environment was perceived by 2 boys differently.

The successful boy took the environment as a reason to excel and improve his life.

The unsuccessful boy took the environment as a reason to remain the same and in life.

It is your attitude, that makes all the difference.


Until next time,




Fast is slow when you are not in control of your emotions.

Slow is fast when you are in control.

Whatever you do, do it well.

Often people try to complete many things at a time.

This takes a heavy invisible toll to the body and mind, making you less sharp and agile than you are blessed with.

Whenever things seem to go out of control, take a pause and go slow.

Stop the rush first, gain your control back and then push forward.



Planning ahead always gets you less headache.

It gives you time to think about your future steps and perhaps also the impediments you may get.

Planning ahead never gets wasted but of course anything extreme is always bad.

Spending too much time to plan and not executing the plan is a problem.

You should strike a balance of planning a definite time and also to execute your plan in a timely manner.



Today after almost a 2 month break, I started the morning walk.

It was only for 10 mins and was timed on my pedometer mobile app but it felt good.

Basking on the sunlight for few minutes while walking and just breathing in the morning fresh air has something in it, which can only be felt but not stated.

Hope I will continue walking every day, atleast for 10 mins and take in some sunlight either in the morning or in the evening.



There are days when you feel excited and full of energy.

There are days when you feel deflated and energy deficient.

Interestingly, it has nothing to do with the day in itself.

It has more to do with how you have made up your body and mind to make it feel good or bad.

In the end, it is your own making of a good day or a day atleast most of the time.



Sometimes I talk to myself and perhaps cry alone thinking am I a misfit in this world.

Maybe I am or my interpretations are wrong.

It hurts more sometime, tears falling out of my eyes, without any force.

Heart seems heavy and I feel like I am losing everything from the world.

In this hour of dilemma and frustration, I sometimes feel to just forget I exist.



It may seem awkward but writing daily helps in putting down some weight from your heads.

Don’t believe it right. Understandable.

When we write whatever comes in our mind, one of the first thing which happens is the letting out of your thoughts and emotions on the piece of paper or a notepad.

It may sound silly but what really happens behind the scene is people unconsciously vent their emotions out in this way.

You may not even understand why it happens but after you have written and poured out everything you have inside, it feels better.

The feeling is the same as if you are talking to a friend and he/she simply listens to what you have to say, with no counter questioning or reasonings.

Try and think about it.