6 Advantages of Positioning Optimization in Warehouses

Technology has become such an essential part of the world, as today’s connected customers expect faster delivery of quality products with competitive prices. For businesses to ensure continuous growth in the future, mobile devices and applications are essential to supply chain, logistics, and warehouse professionals to safeguard connectivity as they look to manage their warehouses anytime, anywhere. We can define warehouse as a place of everything and everything in its place this sums up the idea behind positioning or slotting. Positioning is often a backward-looking response of finding an available location for new products. As the number of products being sold has improved, the demand for bigger warehouse control has grown. For your company, this means you need to make sure that every space in your temperature controlled warehouse is maximized for efficiency and optimization. In fact, positioning optimization in warehouses can be very beneficial for the company.

Here are some advantages of positioning optimization in warehouses:

Improves Storage Efficiency: Storage efficiency is the capability to manage and store goods that requires the least amount of space with little to no impact on performance and it results in lowering of total operational cost. Positioning optimization will improve this feature in warehouses.

Better Inventory Control: Inventory management includes availability of right product at right time and at right place. Positioning optimization will give you better inventory control and will lead to customer satisfaction.

Balancing of Workload: It reduces inconsistencies in assignment of tasks to team members as we implement this technique proper workload balance is achieved as a result employee satisfaction is increased and overall delays and costs are decreased. This leads to cost and time efficiency.

Increase in Lead Times: In any organization there is need of faster lead time to keep the flow of products going. If there is increase in lead time in temperature controlled warehouses then it will help to decrease the cost incurred from customers and will give you access to other discounted rates among carriers.

Improves Accuracy: An unorganized warehouse will cause several errors during picking, packaging and shipping of any product. This technique improves the accuracy and provides better customer service which will lead to brand building.

Reduced Handling Cost: The time taken between receiving and picking of order is known as handling cost. If the warehouse is optimized it helps greater access to items and thus reduces handling cost.

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