Current state of affairs in K-12 Learning

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School closures prompted a national awakening no one asked for, but perhaps presented a reckoning we all needed.

Within days schools and businesses were shut down. Work and learning shifted to the home for families nationwide. Curriculum was moved online by teachers within a matter of hours in an attempt to provide continuity of educational opportunities for their students in a virtual learning environment. Was it perfect? Far from it. Was it an impressive achievement? Absolutely.

The secret to this transition was the willingness of every stakeholder to be flexible and understanding. …

Coronavirus has dramatically changed our lives. Only weeks ago, people were able to freely roam their neighborhoods, today we try to stay safe within our own homes. Things have changed. All of us remain hopeful this pandemic will soon end and bring a semblance of normal routine back to our lives. In the meantime, educational institutes are currently taking unprecedented steps to lessen the impact and enable students to continue their lesson plans through distance learning platforms. And where there is a will, there is a way.

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Distance Learning and Video Conferencing Solutions are fundamental in connecting teachers and students. Teachers can easily organize classes, hold sessions using video-conferencing, conduct office-hours, share handouts, and session recordings, as well as share video messages. …

San Francisco, California- November 21, 2018 — OnePgr, a leading digital sales transformation solutions provider today announced its availability on’s AppExchange. OnePgr’s integration with …


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