San Francisco, California- November 21, 2018 — OnePgr, a leading digital sales transformation solutions provider today announced its availability on’s AppExchange. OnePgr’s integration with automatically logs all communications including SMS, Email and outbound calls allowing Sales Leaders to take charge of activities in the territory and spot the…

Onepgr Launches the Industry First, Converged Content-Sharing and Communication Platform to speed up collaboration for knowledge workers by Bringing Together Audio- and Video-Conferencing, SMS, Document Sharing, and Desktop Sharing.

Fremont, CA. Nov 12, 2013. Onepgr today unveiled the “fastest way to collaborate online” that converges audio- and video-conferencing, live chat…

Clutter or Conversation

Business conversations today are cluttered with documents, text messages, email messages, phone calls, and meetings.

You Vs. meetings, IM’s, SMS, documents, & emails

Yikes! — given all the communication confusion, how do we get the job done? Tasked with the goal of creating shareholder value for our companies, it is our responsibility to collaborate with co-workers, partners, customers…

Rajiv Saxena

Builder, Product Guy, Coder.

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