If you’ve never experienced the stratospheric highs and crevassic (made up word) lows it will be harder for you to relate to your founders
🎉🐢Don’t Even Think about Becoming a VC
Josh Felser

Like everything else in life there are good VCs and a myriad of bad ones.

Many try to get into it because they think it is an easy way to make money. Fortunately, they will not make it. So, there is little risk from them to the entrepreneur.

The more dangerous ones are those who were second tier early employees of what ended up becoming an Unicorn. Just because they cashed out a bundle, they feel entitled to be a “VC”. Unfortunately, their experience base is still of a second tier employee but their ego is stratospheric.

Those are the people the entrepreneur should be extremely careful. See Entrepreneurs-are-you-marrying-a-partner-or-a-rapist