It didn’t make me feel better, it just made me feel less bad.
Teach Me How To Feel
Abby Norman

I was on anti-depressants like Effexor and some others but I found they made me rage, I’d get angry and make holes in my wall (generally with a hammer). I don’t think it was the medicine’s fault, it just wasn’t doing anything and I felt completely trapped and unable to express my pain. So destruction helped express it.

Now I smoke weed regularly for anxiety and depression; I don’t say that to be all “420” and “toke up,” that’s a personal decision, but it’s what worked better for me. Eventual life changes helped as well, changes in mindset. But I still smoke, it makes tackling the day a little easier. Things that would anger me, upset me, they fade away into the background where they belong instead of being at the forefront of my concern and worry.

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