Navigating Through the Fog of this Generation

This generation is screwed. This shouldn’t be news to you, anyone who is paying attention should realize it as this generation tumbles through unchartered territory of independent contractor-ships being our main source of work and income. Back in the day, you were either an employee or not an employee, now there’s this strange middle area where the company is basically earning money from your work, you’re getting paid by the company, but you’re not an employee and thus have no benefits of an actual employee.

Nobody can tell this generation the best path to follow because they’ve never been down this road before; the world is changing under our feet and only the quickly adaptable keep up. Certain aspects of adult life like owning a house, having credit, driving and getting a license, etc. are forgone by this generation for many reasons but probably none more than simply not understanding or not being able to afford such “luxuries.”

School has become a factory of useless, unusable information for the masses and struggles to maintain any semblance of anything that teaches critical thinking. We learn very little of any importance in school; a class of Home Economics should teach more than just cooking, it should also teach balancing a check book, savings and safe investments, using and paying back credit, explaining the various types of insurance, how to pay your taxes and fill out various government forms one may encounter in life, and more. Granted this may be a bit dull and incorrectly timed for high schoolers but maybe it should be a required course for college undergrads.

Seeking Overall Self-Sufficiency

It says “The Request to Make Payments is denied” but it should just read “Fuck you.”

Recently, I was sued. I prepared a great case, a solid case but I didn’t even get to present it; I was completely steamrolled in court by a judge who clearly had it out for me and still seems to as he’s also denied my request to make payments for the judgment in my case. I’m a writer, that’s what I do and that’s how I argue, in writing. When the court refused to hear my case or didn’t like the way I presented it, I was angry and hurt for a long time; I thought, how is this justice? You just take the side of the other guy and don’t even let me speak; I don’t speak the best but I should be given a chance to speak! I should be given all the chances, I mean it’s my money (or lack thereof) this guy is after; if it was his money, he should be able to defend himself to the fullest extent legally and, more importantly, humanly possible.

I mention that suit here to bring up another point of this generation: lawyers and bureaucracy. I’d like to live in a world where we can do things ourselves, where we are self-sufficient and if we need something we can just go out and do it ourselves! But this is not so in today’s modern world, government form after government form is more and more confusing to the point where you need to hire people, that you can’t afford, to do the tasks for you. You need a tax guy, a lawyer, and who knows who else just to do things that are expected of you as a citizen of this country and a resident of your state. But if they are required, shouldn’t the common man have the skills to be able to do them himself, without the need of expensive outside parties?

With a lawyer, I could have appealed the case and maybe I would have won but why do I need a lawyer? I know the case, I’ve prepared the arguments so why do I need an overpriced lawyer to get my arguments across? Why is it just a personality and public speaking failure that cost me my case? How is that fair justice?

In similar vein, I looked into getting a beer and wine license for a restaurant once; but the city requires flyering the neighborhood and drawing up city maps before a license will be given to a location that’s never had one or had a license expire. So it all but assures you will hire one of these map drawing companies, maybe another company do your notifications to the neighborhood, plus whatever else is required. Why can’t it just be simple enough for the small business owner to do himself?

Why can’t there be people available, without expectation of outrageous sums money, to help get through these needless bureaucracies? Why did we create a system that needs such cumbersome bureaucracies and expensive private companies to help you get your stuff done?

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