Mysterious attacks in Cuba on American Diplomats

A CNN report says: Investigators continue to examine the circumstances surrounding as many as 50 attacks that may have involved the use of an acoustic device, a US official has said.

The device was so sophisticated, it was outside the range of audible sound, the official said. And it was so damaging, the source said, that one US diplomat now needs to use a hearing aid.

The report also says Questions also continue to swirl around the Cuban government’s involvement in the attacks, given that experts say the country likely lacks the scientific expertise to launch such a sophisticated operation.

So let us analyze if Cuban govt is not involved, who could be involved.

US has been in multiple war fronts in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan. There are many terrorists killed, their kids may not know about the criminal history of parents, it will be easier for some terrorists to influence and indoctrinate these kids. So a chance of these kids after growing up and influenced to become terrorists. There are government agencies like ISI of Pakistan, Iran, North Korea which may also support them.

The Bin Laden raid which was widely circulated and two movies were made Zero Dark Thirty and SEAL team 6 the raid on Bin Laden. Any terror organization which would have seen followed the raid and seen the above moview which acurately depicted United States under an hour successful raid on the most dreaded terrorist Bin Laden would know that these terror organizations cannot take on United States in conventional warfare. Therefore they might think of unconventional and asymmetric ways of causing harm to United States and Sonic Attack could be one of them.

To tackle unconventional warfare United States has to ensure people in hostile countries like Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan understand the reasons for the below.

  1. Why United States had to go for war against terror(Sep 11 world trade center attack).
  2. What has the United States done for advancement of humanity in both science, technology and health.
  3. What aid has United States given to their and several and other countries across the world.
  4. Convey Sorry for any innocent person killed inadvertently in the war on terror.

So that people in hostile countries would think rationally and atleast initially reject any influence of indoctrination towards terrorism.

When North Korean regime without spending a single penny is able to influence the thought process of its citizens against speaking or thinking anything against their authoritarian ruler’s image, why is United States unable to influence public opinion to its side in hostile countries even after spending billions of dollars is the puzzle to be solved.