US Call Center for winning war against North Korea

Jocko Willink former Navy SEAL Commander in a tweet on Sep 7, 2017 says Drop 25 million iPhones on them and put satellites over them with free wifi.

Jocko Willink tweet on Sep 7 2017

This is similar to what I proposed in an article to drop pizzas over North Korea on Aug 27, 2017 Link is given below.

The population of North Korea is 25 million even if 10 million Pizzas, 5 million iPhone/android phones, 2 million iPads another 2 million laptops are dropped they will be more successful than just war.

With each package it needs to be mentioned that North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un never gave these things to you(North Korean Citizens), these phones/electronic items, pizzas are yours and you long deserved.

Once the phones are dropped with active sim cards, a message should be present in the phone screen that it is safe to use the phone, Kim Jong Un is no longer the leader of North Korea. The message should be strong enough to convey people that they should not think of war and this is the best thing which is happening to them and they should just hold on for some more time for change of responsible regime. The messages being sent to the phone should also contain the heinous crimes committed by North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un. The message should also contain that it is safe to pick any calls which come to the phones your relatives across the world are trying to reach you.

All the phones dropped in North Korea their contact numbers should be stored in a website which will act like a virtual call center. It should be widely advertised that people who know how to speak Korean language can call these numbers and convince North Koreans against supporting the war and overthrow Kim Jong Un. There could be millions of North Koreans and South Korean origin people living in United States. They would be willing to spend sleepless nights to call people in North Korea and convince them. People in South Korea would also call these numbers and they would do amazing things while convincing North Koreans. So this is a virtual call center across the world.

The North Korean contacts website should have feedback on the call, ability to call back numbers if the phone is not picked up, provide reports and data to US military.

Pizzas are necessary as once the war starts Kim Jong Un will divert all food to soldiers and starve his citizens.

This way with little military effort, little pizza, some phones and a virtual call center in United States and South Korea to call people in North Korea will win the war in no time.