Do God Exists ?

I know that this is a controversial topic .. Some believes in god and some just not .. now what I have presented In this article is what I researched about the existence of god with my rationalist and open minded view in both scientific and philosophical perception of studies .. you believe it or not what I am going to tell you is the truth and I promise that I won’t push my personal opinions into your belief ..!!

Being Straight Forward , Do God exists?

To Answer this question , I will explain you with my box and ball paradox ..!! Now imagine a closed box is placed before you and you have two friends name tom and john .. John says that there is a ball inside the box and tom says that there is no ball inside the box .. you have the possibility of getting only one answer out of those two .. !! either ball is inside the box or ball is not inside the box ..!! To know the truth you need to open the box first .. !! Now consider box as our universe and ball as a god .. there is either god exists or god do not exists .. to open and see the truth we should explore our hidden cosmic mysteries and to do that science has always been a promised candidate ..!!

But till now science had debunked every old myths about god .. It debunked the Adam and eve myth . It debunked the religious version of cosmos myth .. It also states that universe can come into existence out from nothing to something ..!!

There are some sensible question which no religious person could give reasonable answer ..!!

1. If god created the universe then who created the god? More over which god created the universe?

2. Big Bang theory says that dimension of space and time came into existence only after the big bang .. If there is No time before the big bang then when God had enough time to create the universe .. ? hence the question when itself doesn’t makes sense here ..!! For this reason , Most of the religious people won’t accept the big bang theory .. But believe me it is one of the widely most accepted theory across the globe by every scientist and smart people ..!!

3. Why according to religious people god only exists in human form ? since there is many variety species of animal living in our planet ..!!

These type of questions are nightmare to theists..!!

My personal opinion

I don’t believe in religion which is created by human but I strongly believe that the question about the existence of god is solved only through science and if in case god existed then he could not be in human or any other living creature’s appearance he could be in the form of scientific terms of randomness , infinity or bringing something from nothing might be his unique identity ..!!

Exposing the truth behind the Origin of religion

In our ancient times humans started to think and asks question like ,

  • What are we doing in this world ?
  • Why we are here ?
  • What is the purpose of our life ?

to satisfy their questions with answers religion came into the scenario .. religion made to wake up human with the hope that our destiny is controlled by some good super natural forces .. they said that life in the earth is a test for every person “if you do good .. you will enjoy in heaven and if you do bad .. you will be in hell after your death” then they constructed rules for how to live a life to go heavens ..!! this idea bonded our ancient people together to live in harmony and made them to get their ass out of their bed every morning to do something but in some case it also made humans to perform barbaric things .. many of those religious rules consists of stupid closed minded versus which cannot be accepted as genuine like many scientific personalities in our ancient days were killed , arrested or isolated from their native for speaking science .. religious leaders and kings thought that science could mess the whole morale of the society but what science actually done to our human society is a history ..!!

Religion won’t allows you to ask open questions about the true nature of the universe And life .. hence they restrict you with their closed minded laws .. To unlock the universal mysteries , science is really a far more best candidate than any religion .. this is why I love science way of exploring about the existence of god ..!!

Does human destiny is safe under super natural observer?

The answer for this question is absolute , No.

if our nature thinks “its enough , their time is over “ ..! then we become extinct same as the dinosaurs which faced the extinction after earth Got hit by an asteroid .!!


I am not sure and even science itself not sure about the existence of god .. But To find out the answer to these type of mystery we must have trust in science and continue our journey of exploration .. this is not a simple journey it still has a long distance to cover .. I Highly believe that instead of following religious path people should unite and work under one single humanity idea ..!! People should learn to live peaceful without religion ..!! If you really want imaginary comfort rather than worshiping imaginary idols better worship your ancestor .. You are here enjoying this world only because of your ancestors .. If they didn’t survived in the past then there is no yourself in this present .. so thanking them for that makes some sense ..!!

Thank you !!

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