The New Revolution

-The New revolution is my idea of creating better lives for every human in this planet !!

The revolution is not to pull out the trigger it is just to create fair just society — nelson Mandela

Nationalism Is A Robbery

Every child across the globe is taught about his nation’s pride and heritage but according to me this act is what i call brain washing children to favor the nation’s future robberies and agenda

how your nation robs ?

They make every people’s work , wealth and opportunities in the earth to concentrate on certain place , example rich countries like dubai, usa etc . see what they’ve done to poor African people they’ve stealing African people’s work , resource and their opportunities from the day they started industrial revolution

what they made all from this ?

Nothing ,

  1. They are only destroying our nature’s gifts with help of corporations to create wealth
  2. Scaring people with nukes Made from tax payer’s money
  3. Making you to feel enemy-ship over other nation and its people which does not diplomatically favors them
  4. Building a long gap of bridge between rich and poor
  5. Succeeded in building the Money driven society where every human dramas take place just for a sheet of paper
  6. Justifying soldiers death by calling it patriotism

I will tell you a thing , Wake up !! Don’t support this .. !! We are from one Monkey ethnicity We are not russians , americans , chinese or indian !! we are human , remember this always !! we should be united under one single idea of humanism !! Nature has not given just one specific place for us to live hence the whole earth is our limit !! we are belong to it .. we share equal rights in it !! I still dream of the day where every people gets united under one single nation idea

OK, one day we Created the single nation then what is our next ?

  1. Our next agenda is to create a Society where every people gets tolerant over other people’s ethnicity , religion , language , colors etc.

2. we must abolish those corporations who does nothing but destroys natural resources for creating wealth and builds gap between rich and poor

3. Rather building materialistic greedy society . We people should build moral based society where every one gets reward for helping others

4. A society where every individuals opinion is respected and conflict between anything arises in the states are solved through diplomatic and Non violent way

5. We should create a society where educational institution gives importance to rationalist teachings for children as priority over technical teachings

What do we get from one single nation ?

  1. There will be No wasting money over war or nuclear threat
  2. Soldiers death are no longer anymore . remember they too have family like you
  3. Gap between Rich and poor gets filled with this One nation idea
  4. There will be no such thing as racism and corruption in the society where moral of the individuals matters than their money
  5. People lives a good decent life with rationalist education and respects humanity over anything


War is inevitable if we still live in this nationalist society . states has Nukes which can destroy the whole humanity over several times the only way to escape and save our humanity is through uniting as single nation there are still many evil diversities exist in the form of terrorism they wont make this happen sooner it takes time but once if we created such society then i guarantee that there will be no war or violence ! peace flourishes thereafter like no other time in our human history


My idea may seem freaky to you . You may think creating such thing called one nation is not possible but i say you that there is no such thing as impossible if every one want a society like i mentioned above then come out and rise your voice to the world and make every others to get concern and wake up . A government without people is nothing start civil dis obedient give pressure to your government

say them that you are sick of nukes and war scares

say them that you won’t allow them to inflict hatred against other nation people just because they did not favored your country’s agenda

say them that you won’t allow them to rob you and others

say them that you want one nation because you started to feel the humanity and hope to live happy without nations

say these things to them in a non violent manner

Revolution is what it starts in the mind of one person and spreads like fire with the Depth of its intention

Our intention is to spread the real peace across the globe and not just to speak about peace and manufacture nukes and tanks which our state does !!

Wake up !!! thank you !!