The story of How Do I Overcame My Fear of Public speaking !!

Fear of Public Speaking (Gloss phobia) Is A Common To Everyone . We May Speak Unlimited With Our Friends But If We Given A Mic And Requested To Talk That In Public Immediately We Ask Excuses like “Grr .. Mam My Throat Is Not Good Today” or blah blah Excuses ..!! In Some Case We Are Forced To Stand In front Of Mic And Speak Something To The Audience .. In That Moment Thousands Of Thoughts Starts Boggling In Our Mind It May Even make Our Hands And Legs Starts Shivering Out of Fear and At The End We Stood Only With Muted Voice And Shameful Face . In This Article I Am Going To Share About The Same Experience of Fear and Guilt Which I Gone Through While Reading My Poetry In Front Of Audience And How I Experimented , Conquered and Turned That Fear Into My Strength ..!! ツツ

Poetry Competition

It All Begins When I Gave My Name For The Poetry Competition . I Have Some What Interest In Poetry And Wrote some In My School Days . So With That Confidence I Gave My Name . Since Poetries Are All About Writing I Thought There Will Be No Necessary For Me To Stand In Front Of Everyone ..!! Then the next day .. I Went To The Room Where The poetry Competition Was held Sat There and After an hour they Gave the Topic “Youth with Fire”. I Wrote and Gave My Content paper To The Staff . There I got The Bad Surprise From The Staffs They Said That I Want To Read My Poetry In front of Judges and Audience Evening At The Auditorium . At First I was Shocked Because I Had Zero Experience In Public Speaking Then I Compromised Myself By Thinking Since The Poetry Was Written By me It will Be Easy for me To Read it in Flow ..!!

The Shame

Evening I Went To The Auditorium And Sat №7th In A Row Of 8 Competitors at The Stage . One By One They Started Reading Their Poetry . A Senior Brother Performed Well By Comparing Youth with Kollywood Actors.. His Speech Is A Bit Humorous Though It Has A Good And Fiery Content . That Raised My Nervous level to a Peak . Because I Realized It Is Necessary for Me To Deliver Good to Out-perform Those Quality Competitors ..!! Then My Turn Came , Everything Went Well Until they Call My Name . Once They’ve Called Me For My Turn . You Know What ? My Legs And Hands Started Shivering . I Stood In Front Of Everyone With Mindful Of Fear And Negative thoughts . Within A Seconds 3 Things Stroke in My Mind ,

1.What If I Annoy Audience And If they Made Fun Out of Me ?

2. Do Judges Accept My Poetry or They will Scold Me For it ?

3. I Don’t Have Any Experience Before , How I Am Going To Handle This ?

With Mind Full of These Thoughts Instead Of Reading I Blabbered My Poetry . I am Sure That No One Understands Nothing They’ve All Seen Me With a Strange Face . In That Situation I Felt fear and Shame . I Threw My Content Papers Into the Air And Ran Out Of The Auditorium Then Got Angry Upon Me For Participating In The Competition . Finally , It was a Shameful Day For Me ..!!

Ignition of Positive and Serious Thoughts about Public Speaking

After a week , To the surprise a news came from my friend that I won 3rd prize in some competition I knew that it was given by the judges to encourage me for the better next time but I took things from different perception . what if judges gave prize to the deserved One instead of me ! I mean the mood of the judges ! they thought to encourage me but what if they thought something else ! does any super natural force is saying me to go for it ? I don’t know what this mean but I am damn sure that for the next time I am not going to cast myself as a fool to anyone .. !!

In that night, I read a quote about conquering fear it said that ” if you want to conquer your fear you need to go through it” ..!! this quote somewhat related and makes sense to my situation .. I Incepted the idea of this quote deep into my heart ..! Then faced myself towards the mirror and said “ I am Decided to go for it again . I know how I felt and what mistake I made , I am never going to make them happen again . the next time I face my audience I will be prepared and experienced “

The next is what you guys known ..!! yea ..! I did it .. !! now I have the confidence to talk anything to anybody ..!! the resistance to take criticizes and importantly the method to deliver a good public speech and you know what ..? I am loving it ..!! now that is most important .. loving what you do and I will proudly say that I found my love out of my fear and guilt .. !!


I know that still Many people are running away from this competition World out of fear and guilt like I did but you know what instead of running away try to chase your fear then you will master it one day ..!! Gloss phobia is just an illusion in the mind .. if you have the strongest will power then Every phobia becomes weak in front of your will power .!!

Thank you..!!

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