Laragon — The best alternative of the Xampp server!

Meher Ullah Khan Raj
May 5 · 3 min read
the best alternative of the Xampp server

Most PHP users use Xampp to run PHP on the local server. There are many alternatives to the Xampp server for Windows, Linux, and MAC OS.

In this blog, I will write in detail about Laragon which currently supports Windows only.

But there are some Linux tools that let you run windows software on Linux. But beware, using such tools does not guarantee you seamless operation. Here are some tools that you can use.

Before start to describe all features you have to install it. First, download the full version, follow the installation process form here.

Let’s discuss all features and find out why Laragon is the best alternative to Xampp.


In Xampp for multiple PHP version have no option, If you want to use a different version then we have to install in a different folder. But In Laragon, you can switch the PHP version easily.

After clicking the right button you can see the PHP version list. If you want to add more PHP, Simply download the PHP from PHP for Windows and click on the PHP version and Extract the on this directory.

Switch PHP Version From Laragon


In Laragon, you can use the open-source Database Software.

Laragon database


In Laragon, you can use the beautiful transparent multiple terminals.

Laragon terminal


In Laragon, you can run the project using Virtual Host. By default, Laragon provides app.test domain but you can customize that like If you want to change go through settings icon.

Auto virtual host in Laragon.


In Laragon, you can use boilerplate to make a quick application like Wordpress, Laravel, Symfony, Drupal, Blank also custom app.

create a quick app using Laragon


Moreover, you can find out the tools menu, Preferences menu there are lots of simple built-in functions you can use. If you want more about Laragon go to the official websites and follow the Documentation.


What I shared in Blog it’s from my experience. If anything wrong, please send your response.

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