Speaking at FOSSASIA’ 17 | WorldBrain.io

My journey for speaking at FOSSASIA Summit (2017) started when I received an email from Hong Phuc Dang that, My proposal has been accepted and I am invited as a speaker at FOSSASIA’ 17, Singapore.

At FOSSASIA, I gave a talk on WorldBrain: Verifying the Internet with Science , As I was contributing to this open source software organisation. WorldBrain is an Open Source Software which is a chrome extension that aims to give a a photographic memory for your web search. Well, I was excited to speak about WorldBrain because recently it got accepted as a Google Summer of Code (GSoC) organisation for 2017. And I was also one the mentors for GSoC’ 17 from WorldBrain.

I reached a day before the summit started and attended the FOSSASIA meetup and connected with speakers at Microsoft Office in Singapore. The 3-day long FOSSASIA Summit started on 17th March, 2017 which was held at Science Center Singapore.

Science Center — Singapore || pic_credit — my BB10

As I entered the Speakers lounge, I met super busy Hong Phuc Dang, Founder of FOSSASIA, talked a little bit. She is very kind and cheerful person. I got mine speakers goodies and batches. Entered the developers arena meeting with lots of great developers, Open Source Organisations was really exciting.

My talk was scheduled on 18th March, (Type: | Track: Open Tech | Room: Dalton Hall (Floor 3))

Talk at FOSSASIA’17 [WorldBrain] by Raj Kumar Maurya ( rajkmaurya111 )

Well, this was not the first time where I was about to speak in front of great developers and Open Source Contributors though a bit of nervousness was in the air because this time It was big and international :)

I talked about the importance of data because data is not just a data….. (think about it). then I moved on explaining the mission of WorldBrain, that is works on a structural solution to online misinformation and more trustworthy content on the web. And how it helps to Create, Search & Share your Personal Web of Knowledge. Mentioning various features of WorlBrain extension, Open APIs that import/expose data in inter-operable formats and Decentralization of your data, search history.

I also invited other developers, students and interested people to collaborate and contribute to WorldBrain and be a part of its open source mission. And yes, I did answered questions that were pitched to me :)

Talk at FOSSASIA’17 [WorldBrain] by Raj Kumar Maurya ( rajkmaurya111 )

This how I ended my talk and gave rest to my body and mind now I was feeling good because now I was having some sense of achievement. But this was not the end.

I attended various workshops, hardware hacking, tech talks, and much more. The one I really enjoyed was hacking with MicroPython and NodeMCU by Kushal Das. I got the chance to have pic clicked with him too.

FOSSASIA’17 | Micropyhton | Raj Kumar Maurya ( rajkmaurya111 ) | Kushal Das | PSF | RedHat

I was feeling accomplished in the end. I got a plenty of experiences from diverse and rich community of Open Source. I learned a lot in the process and delivered my part to the community, this is how the Open Source Community works.

Next day, I explored Singapore with mostly Indian folks, enjoying the beauty of ChinaTown, Universal Studios and Sentosa Islands.

This was all a dream come true for me with the continuous support from WorldBrain and FOSSASIA. A special thanks to Oliver Sauter founder of WorldBrain.

Thank You