Best PGDM colleges in Ghaziabad

Located in the heart of the NCR region of India Ghaziabad is not just a hub of industrial activities but also home to some of the best educational institutes of the country. It is especially rich in the development of the several PGDM colleges that are growing increasingly popular day by day.

The colleges that are housed in Ghaziabad offer two types of PGDM courses. The most popular one is of course, the regular courses which is a two-year span course that is full-time and is targeted towards non-working students. The other kind of PGDM course that is offered by the PGDM colleges in Ghaziabad is a part-time variation of the same course, with the same syllabus and often with the same staff as well. Targeted towards the working professionals, who double up as students, these courses offer flexible class schedules and night classes to help accommodate the timings of busy professionals. Needless to say, these courses have a longer span or tenure than the regular courses. Besides these, there are also two other forms of PGDM courses, namely, correspondence as well as executive courses.

The eligibility to get admission to these courses are the same as that of any other city. There are both national level tests as well as individual tests for the private colleges, depending on the kind of college you wish to enroll in. the background of the candidate can vary from any stream including humanities, science or commerce, as long as the criteria of the base marks for admission is fulfilled.

Some of the best PGDM colleges in Ghaziabad include:

1. ABES Institute of Business Management

Located prominently on the border of Delhi and Ghaziabad, the college has been awarded several prominent prizes over the years.

2. Advance Institute of Management

Again, one of the more famous PGDM colleges of the region, the Advance Institute of Management is a definite winner when it comes to choosing a suitable course from the subject.

3. AIHM Institute of Hotel Management

Though the college professes an emphasis on Hotel Management, yet this college offers a number of courses related to PGDM and management. With a past history that is rich with the accomplishments of its students, this college is definitely a leading choice amongst its peers in Ghaziabad.

So if you are wondering where to search your hunt for the best college offering PGDM courses in Ghaziabad, we hope that this article will provide you the correct direction with a clarity on the subjects and specializations offered as well as the details of the colleges of the region.