Color Of Your Website

A lot of companies are losing customers because of the dominant color of their website. The Color has the biggest indirect impact on your website. What comes to your mind when you see color green or red? Think about that! Each color invokes a particular emotion, make sure it aligns with the context of your brand. You can make a memorable connection (subconsciously) with your audience, and stand apart from your competition, or repel your customers due to the choice of color.

Choose color that appeals to your target audience as well as align with your brand. Men and Women have a different preference for the color, they like, and the color they don’t. Rule of thumb is use blue for professional services, green for money, health or natural products, red for high energy, yellow for children and black for royalty and elegance. Avoid brown and orange!

When you are choosing color for your website. You need three colors to work together

  1. Color of Your Logo
  2. Dominant color of your website
  3. Color of the Call to Action

Color of Your Logo is decided by your brand

  • Color red triggers emotional responses like excitement, boldness, love, and passion. energy, urgency, excitement, and danger
  • Green color represents wealth, health, tranquility and nature. It is also #2 preferred color by both men and women
  • Yellow represents youthfulness, optimism, and cheerfulness
  • Orange represents friendliness enthusiasm and creativity
  • Pink represents feminine, sweetness, innocence, fertility and romance
  • Purple represents royalty, wealth, success and wisdom
  • Blue represent trust, security, stability, peace and calmness #1 preferred color by both men and women
  • Gray represents neutral, simplicity, calm, futuristic, and logic
  • Black represents power, luxury, sophistication and elegance

Dominant color of your website is decided by your customer segment

  • If you want to build trust among your user, use color blue.
  • Women don’t prefer gray, orange, and brown. They like blue, purple, and green.
  • Men don’t prefer purple, orange, and brown. Men like blue, green, and black.
  • Yellow is for warnings.
  • Green is ideal for environmental and outdoor products.If the focus of your website has anything to do with nature, environment, organic, or outdoors, green should be your color of choice.
  • Orange is a fun color but it can create a sense of haste or impulse. Avoid.
  • Black adds a sense of luxury and value.

Color of Call to Action is decided by the market

  • Use bright primary colors like yellow, orange, for your call to action.
  • Green is also good call to action