Dual personalities…

This blog is going to be a bit heavy, but bear with me..for it might ignite some interesting thought processes within you. :P

I have been facing this question for a long time now, but never gave it a good thought till one of my friends ( Depo ) brought it up. Let me begin with some words that I had read somewhere ( unfortunately I don’t remember the source )

Don’t change for someone to like you, be yourself so that the right person would like you….

Imagine a situation where you feel you should act in a particular way which you think is appropriate and suits with your personality the best, but you predict that acting that way wouldn’t make someone happy or may result in your insult or create a bad situation to explain in short, so you might act in some other way which you don’t feel is right or suits your personality. So which way would you act ? ( Some heavy stuff, right? :) )

Let’s understand with an example. Imagine you are sitting for a job interview, and many a times interviewer might ask for your reaction in some situation, like if this happens what would you do..and imagine that you think your answer wouldn’t make interviewer so much happy (perhaps it might show that you are lazy or something like that ), but you have a choice of answering such that it will make the interviewer happy and even get you a job, what would you do ? Though many other situations are also possible like the interviewer is smart enough to realize what you are saying for your answer is same as you would do, but you get the idea what I am trying to convey right.. :)

I’ve asked the same question to many of my friends and got interesting responses. One of my friend answered that he would answer caring about the resultant situation only if the other people involved are someone he cares which is very interesting and a valid answer, but I replied back asking what if the person you care for eventually finds out that what you say and do is different, he replied that he would then tell him/her that he did that only because he cared for him/her and my friend feels that the other person would understand.

This blog is named “Dual personalities” mainly because of the differences many of us have between what we say and what we act. I feel there are many reasons why we do so, and many might also be important for our survival, but let’s not get into such depth… That’s enough food for thought in a single blog….

Hope you enjoyed the blog and had some interesting thoughts :)

P.S. this is my first blog.. :)

Keep smiling


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