Can there be Poetry in Lead Gen?

I received a cold email recently that caught my attention.

Hi Raj,

I’ve tried a few times to get in touch with you recently but haven’t had too much success. Maybe I can earn your response if I dazzle you with an amazing haiku I wrote:

I’ve been on your site,
Let’s talk about the content…
Is Friday alright?

So maybe poetry isn’t my strong suit… I think you should give me another chance to prove myself. Let’s talk about interactive content and I promise you’ll be impressed :)

Does Friday afternoon work for a quick call?



It’s not everyday that someone attempts something different, so I decided to reply with a (bad) Haiku of my own:

While it’s nice to hear
It’s not me you seek I fear
Our world is vast indeed.

Imagine if you were the SDR and got this email… how would you respond?

Will you take this opportunity to make a human connection OR retreat to the safety of corporate bullshit-speak?

Here’s what happened (emphasis mine):

Hi Raj — Love your response haiku!
I typically speak with people in marketing (from digital, to content, to product, to communications), people who are leveraging any sort of content (like ebooks, infographics, landing pages, product guides, case studies, sales decks, etc.) to help accomplish their goals (lead gen, brand awareness, engagement, conversion, etc).
Based on that description, is it still the case this wouldn’t fall in your wheelhouse? If not, can you point me in the direction of the proper tree to bark up? :) I’d really appreciate the help!

So, let me get this right: you want to target the one person in marketing, with all content, with all goals. I think then you need to be speaking to the CMO.

But except, you dont want to be speaking to the CMO. You know that there is a defined target persona who cares about your product deeply. But you havent spent the time to refine your targeting, and are getting lazy on the messaging. Casting a wide net will not give you better results.

My response:

Too broad K… You need to refine your targeting within marketing. This kind of message gets lost in the sea.

The counter response was further corporate-bullshitspeak that made my eyes glaze over… one that doubles down defensively on the prior email, and now becomes of the millions that beg for “just 15 minutes” of your time, and takes a nano-second before we purge them for eternity.

Perhaps there cannot be poetry after all in the land of prose.

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