For the love of juicy burgers!

Being one of the best restaurants with amazing ratings, Smoke House Deli is a must visit for foodies. The charm of this place apart from the scrumptious food is the gorgeous ambiance and décor it possesses. Smoke House Deli, Delhi has got a beautiful outdoor seating area with a picturesque view of Haus Khas Lake and the fort. When the weather is pleasant, visit this place, get the outdoor seating and enjoy your meal under the sky, surrounded by refreshing greenery. Especially if and when you are looking for a restaurant that got delicious gourmet burgers, this is the place to be. It is one of those few places in Haus Khas where you can find serenity because it’s located a little aloof from the noisy street.

The interiors of Smoke House Deli got teakwood furnishing, with light walls that are decorated with quirky hand-made images that give a regal feel. The luxurious leather couches along with elegant chairs and tables look classy and are very comfortable for seating purpose. Every single thing of the décor complements each other very well and gives the place a very prolific look. Once you visit the restaurant, you are served with a gunny bag that holds different kinds of breads with yummy flavours. You can munch on them while you go through the menu and decide what to eat. The best thing in the menu is the hearty lamb burger that you must try. It’s delectably filled with decadent flavours and a multi-grain bun.

One would definitely suggest this place to Italian and European cuisine lovers after having a firsthand experience. Some of the amazing dishes that you must try for breakfast are the famous bagels along with French toast, or you can choose from a variety of healthy egg dishes cooked to perfection. When you are planning for lunch or dinner and love meat, then do try the smoked chicken dishes here, as they are the highlight of Smoke House Deli menu. Now, in order to relish smoked chicken in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai or Calcutta, you know where to go.

Smoke House Deli is the most comfortable place to relax as there are no parking issues, and you get Wi-Fi availability as well. Hence, you can also send work mails while munching on smoked chicken and oregano, with hash browns early morning. Simply relish your meal with a cup of hot cappuccino or chocolate smoothie. People who love potatoes must have the ‘French fries, roast peppers and cheddar bake’ dish.

In most of the places you don’t get the kind of seafood you expect, but at Smoke House Deli you will find the most tasty and perfectly cooked seafood dishes. Do try them out on your next visit! To be honest, any foodie will suggest you to visit this place again and again to try out different dishes. The best part is that none of the dishes or drinks will ever bring down your expectations.

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