Important Facts About Rajnikant Patel BSE And His Great Achievements

Rajnikant Patel BSE

Mr. Rajnikant Patel mingled BSE as a Director of Surveillance and Inspection in the month of March, 2001. Then, he was promoted to the post of Chief Operating Officer, in the month of May, 2003. Additionally, he was given the added liability as a Chief Finance Officer. Mr. Rajnikant Patel BSE was recruited the CEO and Executive Director of Switch in a month of September, 2004 as well as turned into the SEO and Managing Director after the joining of BSE.

He is an M.Com graduate and also has an LLB degree along with extra qualifications in Certificate in Banking, CAIIB (l) and Certification in Forex & Treasury Management in ICFAI.

Merging BSE, since, Rajnikant Patel spearheaded lots of measures and initiatives for Surveillance Department that led to this Department being honored the highly esteemed ISO 9001:2000, a great achievement that makes BSE the foremost exchange in well developed Asia and 2nd in the globe to get that certification or award.

A talented banker, he had an extensive stint with a banking manager, The Reserve Bank of India as well as had also processed with BNP PARIBAS.

Mr. Rajinikant Patel has represented capital market of India and BED at several forums such as US SEC (Securities & Exchanges Commission), Washington, as well as at the World Federation of Exchanges (WFE), MIT, World Superbowl of Indexing, USA and much more.

Mr. Rajnikant Patel is a part of a Working Committee of WFE (World Federation of the Exchanges), Chairman of SAFE (South Asian Federation of Exchanges), Member of Committee on Corporate Governance constituted by CII (Confederation of Indian Industries) and IMC (Indian Merchant Chamber), Member of several committees of SEBI (Securities Exchange Board of India), IMA (Inter-Exchanges Groups & Indian Management Association).

BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange Limited)

BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange Limited) is one of the oldest exchanges in Asia that has matured over many years into their current status as a representation among its generation. Its bigheaded 131-year record merged with its foundation of electronic communications as well as processing skills has made it one of the most formidable institutions.

Rajnikant Patel BSE has played a vital role in turning BSE into the foremost exchange in India in order to become definitely demutualized by providing stake to an extensive range of individual and institutional investors, on the dated of 19th August, 2005. The Exchange corporatization will allow BSE to further develop the possibility of pursuing innovations and business on process and products with transformed vigor.

Awards won by Rajinikant Patel for BSE

Bombay Stock Exchange Limited (BSE) provides an extensive range of goods for trading successfully in the safety market. Investors can select from about 4,687 properly listed companies or firms. For simple reference of every investor, firms are divided into various groups, including A, B2, Z and B1.

Mr. Patel worked with ICAI truly towards releasing XBRL standards in India. He has played an important role while launched the first time MBA program of India with a specialization in the Capital Markets with a famous NM University. Mr. Rajnikant Patel has also remodeled the training platform from a simple brokers training platform into a worldwide Capital Market institute. This makes BSE institute a beneficial center for BSE as well as get worldwide recognition. Due to this, He won the esteemed Golden Peacock Award for the BSE’s Corporate Governance. Moreover, he also got the Business Superband Award of BSE.

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