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What is Consecutive Interpretation?

Consecutive interpretation is form of verbal communication. In which interpreter interpreting consequent to completion of a paragraph so that the interpreter gets the needed time to comprehend the matter appropriately by taking notes and then interpreting without missing even a single point of relevance.

Benefits of Consecutive Interpreting

The benefit of this type of communication is that it allows two or more people to have an uninterrupted conversation. Consecutive Interpretation is used in situations where private information needs translation while discussion, the length of time is necessary to ensure that the LEP person has a full understanding of his/her medical, legal or personal affairs.

What a consecutive interpreter do?

Consecutive interpreters Listen to the speech in the source language for a few minutes and then interprets or translate that Listen to the speech in the target language and accurately. In this interpretations, Consecutive interpreters take notes while listening to or watching the speakers before presenting their interpretation.

One of the biggest advantages of consecutive interpretation is that the speaker pauses after speaking each sentence which allows the listener to react and respond accordingly after listening to the interpreter.

Why should you hire Translation India’s Consecutive interpreters in Pune?

It’s simple; they take their job very seriously. There is absolutely no space for mistakes. Their interpreters are savvy multitaskers who are capable of handling the pressure that comes with interpreting on site. They believe in religiously following their quality centric approach which has manifested itself in hundreds of satisfied customers over the years.

Their Interpreters are Adeptly Prepared for…

· International Conferences

· Global Summits & Meetings

· Congregations

· Crescent Rounds

· Business Negotiations

· Keynote Speeches

· Plant Tours & Site Visits

· Workshops

· Museums

· Legal Proceedings

· Diplomatic Proceedings

· Foreign Language Classroom Training

· Financial Road Shows

· Live Global Media Broadcasts

They have an extensive screening process for all their interpreters which test their language skills including pronunciation, vocabulary and accuracy of interpretation. They are extremely pleased to own the most talented and experienced pool of interpreters globally. For more details visit here —

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