7 Practical Uses of GPS for Everyday People

GPS or the global positioning system is a navigation system that is satellite-based which helps to give people direction about where they are going or where they are. Initially the system was built only for military purposes but by the 1980s the American government authorized its use by civilians. The advantage of using the device is that it works perfectly well in any kind of weather and is available all the time. Below we are going to discuss the 7 practical uses of GPS for everyday people:

1. GPS used for monitoring animals

GPS devices are now used to monitor wild animals in their wild environment making it easy for wildlife staff be able to know the migration patterns of the animals. Usually one or a small number of the animal the population to be monitored are usually tagged with a GPS device so that when they move about the wildlife authorities will be able to keep track of them. The GPS device has made the work of knowing the correct position of the animals easy for wildlife staff. Dangerous animals like sharks are also tagged with GPS devices so that when they get dangerously close to the shores where people like to swim an alarm is triggered informing the lifeguards about it. The lifeguards will then do the job of warning people to get out of water to keep themselves out of any danger posed by a potential shark attack.

2. GPS used to track stolen items by relevant authorities

In an effort to curb drugs theft from drug stores in the city of New York by thieves the police there came up with a method of using GPS to track such thieves. In this method the police would work hand in hand with the drugstores to place dummy decoy drug bottles together with those of real drugs. When the thieves come stealing the drugs they will also carry with them the decoy bottles which then makes it easy for the police to catch up with them.

3. GPS for tracking vehicles

GPS tracking devices have been used extensively in vehicles for numerous purposes. Taxi companies for instance have installed GPS devices in the vehicles to help them track location and the distance travelled by any of their registered cars. Companies that are involved in the business of transportation of goods that have big fleets of Lorries have also used GPS technology to help them in their day to day operations. They rely on the technology to help them locate each of their vehicles while on transit. For security purposes there are various private security firms that use GPS technology to provide vehicle tracking services to their customers. Vehicle owners who have enlisted the security services of such vehicle security companies have their cars covered such that if their vehicles get stolen they can be tracked and found easily using GPS. GPS devices just like any other device can develop problems something which may prompt the user to call for support. Garmin support is an example of the many GPS customer support services available.

4. GPS used for tracking children by parents

Parents who like to know exactly where their children often go and play can have GPS devices installed on their children clothes or bags. The GPS devices placed on the clothes or bags can then relay information to the parents via the parent’s mobile apps and tell them the location of their children.

5. GPS installed in cars to tell direction and location

Today with GPS devices installed in almost every car drivers can now benefit from the advantages of these devices. Through the use of these gadgets drivers can easily know their location when driving to places they are not familiar with. A car that is equipped with a GPS device can has its electronic map working so easily telling the driver about their destination so very easily.

6. GPS for tracking inmates

Now the GPS technology is used by prison authorities to help them keep track of prisoners. Very large prisons with lots of prisoners use this technology to track the activities of the inmates.

7. GPS technology used in sports

Golfers now use this technology to help make it easy for them to locate the golf ball in the grass. Before golfers used to take so much of their time looking for the golf ball but when GPS technology came to be they can now easily find the balls in the grass easily.