Firm And Sale Tax Registrations Process And Steps

Firm registration can take place with only one person, as only one person is required by the law to fulfill the legal requirement for the firm registration. If the firm is registered as sole proprietorship, then the firm is not a company, it is a firm where the government of the Delhi or central government gives you license to do the business.

The firm registration is easy as it requires only one person to do the same. The biggest benefit is that it is easy to close the business, if the business fails. The firm registration requires that the person conducting the business only has to file the returns. The kind of compliance that a private limited company has to manage is that required in the firm registration. The cost of the registration is also low as the owner only has to file for sale tax registration. The documents that are required are also minimum. The owner who wants the firm registration only need a PAN CARD, voter ID, or passport or driving license to prove his legality.

Besides these requirements, the person going for Firm registration services in Gurgaon has to show the bill copies of the place from which the firm is being operated. The place can be his own or rented. If the place is rented and he has to show the electricity bills on other person ‘s name. In that case the no objection certificate is also required from the other person, the original owner of the place of the firm.

On the other hand, the sale tax is mandatory for the business that is engaged in the sale of goods In the country. The Sales Tax Registrations in Gurgaon takes place when the business has a crossed a certain limit in terms of sale of goods. The most of the states in the country has the same limit but some states have raised the limit.

A person without any background knowledge can contact the services provider and get the complete knowledge. The service provider gives comprehensive consultations and does the job for the client. The client only has to provide the documents required under the law and registration process will take place without loss of time. The young entrepreneurs will find it easy to get firm and sale tax registration done in a hassle less manner.