Arihant Ambar — An affordable liveable place for them and family.

Arihant Ambar is one of the finest affordable realty projects present in the nation. This development harbours a number of residential high rise towers which present a great view for the residents of this development. The realty industry of the nation is witnessing a great lull as the realty prices haven’t raised considerably and this has affected a number of major projects present in different parts of the nation. The realty of Noida has felt the tremors of this change and this is the reason that the city has been listed amongst the few cities which have seen the bad effects of these changes. The reason behind this lull is that there are almost 1.67 Lac units in the NCR region which remains unsold, this shows the attention of the target investors has shifted from this vertical to other investment verticals. If we believe the predictions of Knight Frank there are chances that the investors may migrate back to this vertical in the fourth quarter of the current financial year. The new instalments of the residential development comprises of 37,000 new housing units which will only add on to the excess of already unsold and vacant homes. Thus the developers also have slowed down in the process of launching and constructing new developments, especially in Noida. Another major announcement by Knight Frank is that even if the second half of the year will be a little more perky, the overall numbers of the profits being earned will remain much lower than that of the year 2013.

But, the things are totally different with a few of the developers working in the same site, Noida. To name a few of these one can refer to Supertech Limited, Arihant Buildcon and other such developers. The projects by these developers are witnessing much less affect of this slowdown, as the construction quality of projects like Arihant Arden, Supertech Romano and Arihant Ambar Noida stands apart. If someone is ready to invest in a real estate project and looks for a project which in future will give high returns then Arihant Ambar Greater Noida West will be a suitable option for investment, as well as ultimate use.

Got this news update from Knight Frank on my #iPhone5, along with it I also got an update about the soft launch of Apple #iPhone6 which will be available in the market from the mid of next month.
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