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DevOps is a Term and method like Scrum or waterfall,This method is widely used now in Development and IT Infra managed services companies .

It improves thecollaboration between developers and the testing team or in better terms DevOps is a culture. It helps in development & deployment of software in a much more efficient

manner. It does so by automating a lot of the steps that would be previously left upon humans to work.

The reason behind DevOp popularity is that it allows development firms to create and improve products at a faster manner than traditional development teqniques.

1. Shorter Development Cycles, Faster Innovation
2. Reduce Implementation Failure, Reflections and Recovery Time
3. Better Communication and Cooperation
4. Greater Competencies
5. Reduce Costs and IT StaffDhanu Infosys is one of the leading & DevOps company in IT sector

Dhanu infosys delivers a breadth of services, a complex enterprise application and technology portfolio, while balancing competing business priorities of IT operations and innovation. Dhanu infosys can help you to stay focused on strategic, high-value activities, while providing ongoing support and maintenance.

For More than five years we’ve been trusted advisors to hundreds of customers across a different countries on diffrent platforms, Our tech experts know how to deliver successful outcomes across platforms and specialties.Our strong experience in both applications and IT infrastructure are essential elements of our approach to developing new solutions.

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